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Where are we Now: Renovation Updates of Hotel Syracuse to Marriott Syracuse Downtown

Our latest breaking news with details of the renovation of the Historic Hotel Syracuse.

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Renovation Updates of Hotel Syracuse

At the Marriott Syracuse Downtown we are all about history and it gives us great joy to preserve so much that makes our property memorable. As we travel through our transformation, we are delighted to share the journey along the way. Uncovering the magic of another age and looking forward to a new tomorrow.

The Restoration has a projected completion date for spring 2016 and will include 261 new rooms and 17 suites. History will also be preserved as the Grand Ballroom, Persian Terrace and Lobby will be updated.
The Rainbow Lounge will be rebuilt to the way it looked when it originally opened on April 8, 1937, four years after the end of Prohibition and crews have been working on the exterior of the pedestrian bridge over East Onondaga Street.

One of the latest in a long line of exciting discoveries took place when workers recently uncovered the barber shop, which operated from 1924, when the hotel opened, through the 1970s. Careful demolition revealed mirrors and marble paneling still on the walls and original tiling still on the floors. Plans are in place now to include the barber shop’s original décor in a new bar.

Most recently, we have been working toward completing the finishing touches on several model rooms that will give future guests an idea of what they can expect from our brand. These models will show what a majority of the rooms at the hotel will be like, when it comes to shape, size and dimensions.

We can’t wait to share the latest developments! Remember, you can find the latest information on the renovation updates of the Hotel Syracuse to Marriott Syracuse project here on our blog as well as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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Announcing the Brand New Marriott Syracuse Downtown Blog!

Exciting things are happening at the Marriott Syracuse Downtown! We are so thrilled to announce the launch of our new blog.

New Marriott Downtown Syracuse Blog


renovation that is to bring the historic Hotel Syracuse back to life.”

As we travel through our restoration process of the Hotel Syracuse and the transformation to the Marriott
Syracuse, we will be bringing you news of both the new as well as an intimate look into the past every week; sharing images and stories as we take this journey of transformation.

In addition to our new blog, our historic Syracuse hotel looks forward to providing a new era of exemplary Marriott service you would expect, luxurious accommodations and spectacular public spaces that marry the past with the future.

Thanks for stopping by and remember, in addition to our blog, we can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest – so check back often!