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The History of the Hotel Syracuse Comes Alive at the Onondaga Historical Museum

See a living history of the Hotel Syracuse. 

In September of 1924, the Hotel Syracuse opened to the public. Designed by George B. Post and Sons and built at a cost of more than six million dollars, the building included all of the latest technology and design possible for its time.

history of the Hotel Syracuse
Some of the features included a coffee shop, drug store, beauty salon, barber shop, retail stores, over 600 guest rooms and a grand ballroom. From outside the three towers, connected at the base, resembled classical columns. The Rainbow Lounge, named for the tubular lighting within the glass-block entrance, was added in 1937 following Prohibition. The Persian Terrace became one of the most elegant meeting and dining rooms.

Can’t wait to see the historic beauty of the Hotel Syracuse – now Marriott Syracuse Downtown? For a limited time, the Onondaga Historical Museum will be hosting an exhibit that features framed images as well as original archival items and artifacts from the early days of the Hotel Syracuse. From the 1923 view of the construction to the 1948 interior of the Ranbow Lounge, historic scenes of the Cavalier Room and more.

After the full renovation, guests can enjoy not only the restored grandeur of the property, but also a hotel museum of items that will be located directly on the property of the Marriott Syracuse.

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Marriott Syracuse Downtown

Looking to the Future: Onondaga County, Syracuse Convention Center Hotel

Marriott Syracuse Downtown named an official hotel of the Syracuse Convention Center. 

In the heart of Syracuse, The Oncenter Syracuse Convention Center, has been home to international, national, regional and local conferences, conventions, trade shows, concerts, performances and events for over sixty years. Marriott Syracuse Downtown is going to be part of that rich history!

Syracuse Convention Center

Onondaga County lawmakers recently named our historic hotel as the official hotel of the Onondaga County Oncenter. Guests will be able to look to the Marriott Syracuse as the accommodations they can rely upon when visiting the center. Located on Warren Street, we are just a few blocks from the convention center that fronts on State Street. Organizations planning for their event at the center will also be able to reserve a block of rooms for their convention business.

Some of the many ongoing and past events of the Syracuse Convention Center (also known as the Nicolas J. Pirro Convention Center) include: Green Buildings Conference, NYS Vegetable Growers Association, NYS District of the Assemblies of God Youth Convention, Syracuse Auto Dealers Association, Healthy buildings, Nice and Easy Convenience Stores, Express Film Premier, Symphoria, Syracuse Opera Company, Syracuse Crunch AHL Hockey Team, Syracuse Silver Knights and Famous Artists Touring Broadway series.

As we continue through the renovation process of the Hotel Syracuse and prepare for the future Marriott Syracuse Downtown we are all looking forward to continuing to bring great things to this wonderful community and can’t wait to welcome our first guests in 2016!

Renovation of the Art: Preserving Hotel Syracuse History

Marriott Syracuse Downtown uncovers treasures and pieces of Hotel Syracuse history. 

Hotel Syracuse history
Historic preservation means so much more than just restoring the Hotel Syracuse for another use, it is capturing a moment in time…connecting to our past and provide a framework for the city we live in.

The Marriott Syracuse Downtown is working hard to capture those moments in time so that when we open our doors in 2016, our guests will get a chance to be a part of that living history!

One example of this continuing preservation will be the restoration of a massive mural of Syracuse’s early history. This 40-foot wide, 6-foot tall painting was created by the late Carl Roters and has been hanging on a wall in the lobby since 1949. The colorful painting depicts events from the first 100 years of Syracuse’s history from the formation of the Iroquois Confederacy all the way to the rescue of the escaped slave William “Jerry” Henry in 1851.

Although the mural was covered by mirrors during a renovation of the lobby in the late 1970s, workers recently removed the mirrors as part of the careful restoration of the hotel.

In the Persian Terrace, additional murals painted on the original ceiling are being revealed as well and the stage’s original Maine marble – both are slated to be restored as well.

Continuing the tradition of preserving the Hotel Syracuse history, the Marriott Syracuse Downtown will include a hotel museum that will display the pieces of memorabilia being donated to both the Hotel and the Onondaga Historical Association from matchbooks to menus, receipts and larger items. Ed Riley hopes to recover some of the bigger hotel furnishings including the statuary that used to be in the Persian Terrace.

We look forward to sharing all of these special pieces with our future guests!

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The Marriott Syracuse Downtown

Exploring the History of Hotel Syracuse

Famous Guests Through the years are part of the history of Hotel Syracuse.

History of Hotel Syracuse

In September of 1924, the Hotel Syracuse opened to the public. Designed by George B. Post and Sons and built at a cost of more than six million dollars, the building was a product of great ingenuity and luxury.

Part of the rich history of the Hotel Syracuse includes its famous guests. Child movie star and Syracuse native Jackie Coogan was the first registered guest at the hotel. Numerous celebrities have visited over the decades as well, including Dwight Eisenhower, John Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, aviator Charles Lindbergh, entertainers Bob Hope, Nat King Cole, Elvis Presley, the Rolling Stones and John Lennon with Yoko Ono.

Looking toward the future, we can’t wait to welcome guests again to the Marriott Syracuse Downtown in our fully refurbished property. ALL of our guests will be stars in our eyes! The new Marriott Syracuse has a projected completion date for Spring 2016 and will include 261 new rooms and 17 suites. History will also be preserved as the Grand Ballroom, Persian Terrace and Lobby will be updated. For more information, please visit our website.

Join Us at Our Job Fair in Syracuse

Get your resume in order for a job fair in Syracuse at our historic hotel.

Job Fair in Syracuse

Exciting things are happening in the employment landscape of Syracuse. We are getting ready for the brand new Marriott Syracuse Downtown and are looking for some great people to join our team! Although the hotel is not slated to open for business until next spring 2016, some of our jobs will begin as early as January.

The Marriott job fair in Syracuse is set for Wednesday, Sept.16 from 9 a.m. to 1.p.m. at the Oncenter in Downtown Syracuse. Space is limited! Interested candidates can register at the New York Department of Labor Site

“This project is very important to Syracuse on so many levelsThe historic hotel will once again regain its position as the premier hotel in Syracuse area and we will significantly impact the hospitality job market and local economy with the creation of new career opportunities.” Ed Riley, Managing Member of the Hotel Syracuse Restoration, LLC.

This is such an exciting opportunity for people in the Syracuse area to join our team and by popular demand, have been able to open up more slots for more candidates. Please visit our website for more information about the Marriott Syracuse Downtown and our restoration project of the historic Hotel Syracuse. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.