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Make It Meaningful With Our Tips On How To Include Your Kids in Your Wedding!

The Marriott Syracuse Downtown has a few special wedding tips for those looking to include the younger members of the family in their Big Day.

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Weddings are traditionally a celebration of two people coming together in matrimony. As is often the case, one-size-fits-all definitions do not apply and wedding celebrations are many times a blending of families just as much as the formation of a perfect pair. Having your kids in your wedding can be a special way to make the younger set excited about your new lives together.

Depending on your personal style of ceremony and reception, the Marriott Syracuse Downtown has some wedding tips on the best ways to incorporate your children in the planning and actual ceremony.

Steeped in Tradition
Allow your children to play a role in the wedding! For older children, this can include being a bridesmaid or groomsman, a reader of a passage during the ceremony, or even an escort for the bride down the aisle. For younger children, the roles should be a little less involved but just as important, such as being the flower girl or ring bearer (or even holding the bouquet for the bride during the ceremony).

Include them in your vows
Have your kids help make some of the decorations for the wedding or reception. From picking the flowers for the ceremony and reception centerpieces to creating the party favors for the attendees to take home, kids will perk up seeing their works of art incorporated into your big day.

Make It Modern
Hold a unity ceremony. A quick lighting of candles representing all of the members of the family during the ceremony will ensure no one feels left out. Have a bouquet toss for the younger set! Plan a special solo dance with your child, or make it a full family affair and invite everyone to join in for the first dance.

Yet no matter what you decide for your personal celebrations, our top tip to include your kids in your wedding will always be just that … include them!