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Why Friday’s are the New Night for Weddings!

Recently engaged or starting your wedding planning process? It can be perceived as a stressful time; what date to pick, color scheme, food & drink choices. The possibilities are endless! Some new trends to help ease the process can be picking the right day for you. While one of the most important aspects is choosing a venue; choosing a date goes hand in hand with the progression.

Traditionally weddings have been held on a Saturday or Sunday. This always helped with travel arrangements, work schedules, and other obligations. However, in recent years, Friday’s have turned into the new targeted day.

The first and easiest benefit of a Friday wedding are that the dates are often easily available versus a Saturday or Sunday. Conventionally, Saturday’s can be booked at least 10 months to 2 years in advance.

The next benefit for couples is price. Friday nights are usually set with less minimums or lowered prices across the board of vendors. Photographers, Florists, Venues, and others usually offer lower prices for services on a Friday night. Additional perk to booking a Friday night wedding, it can be much easier on a Thursday night to obtain a highly desirable rehearsal dinner space compared to a busy Friday night. You would be battling less couples for the coveted spaces in town.

Friday nights can be viewed as a destination wedding or set the tone for a wedding festivity! Many view it as a way to enjoy the celebration of a wedding, with your weekend still intact. It can give you an advantage of spending more time with your out of town guests since you are starting your celebration at the beginning of the weekend.

Though some may view Friday’s as a deterrent for guest attendance, there is actually no true evidence to support that. Here at the Marriott Syracuse Downtown, our wedding experts can attest, the no show factor is in the same percentage range for Friday, Saturday, & Sunday weddings.

“Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday; it truly doesn’t play a role in attendance, anyone who was/is going to be there will be there to support you on your biggest day. This I promise you. If they are not attending, it will not be because your wedding is on a Friday night.”

                                                                -Lindsey Cole, Director of Social Catering

Whether your guests want to make a weekend out of it, or not interfere with personal plans for the remainder of the weekend. Friday’s can be the best way for a couple to plan their dream wedding and a price all can afford.