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2019 Wedding Dessert Trends!

Want to give your guests a “wow factor” at your wedding?

Try out the newest trends for Wedding Desserts!

Geode Cakes & Desserts

Tiered cakes and cookies have been getting a new look! Resembling semi-precious stones with sparkling sugar and rock candy helps create this crystal effect!

Mini Milkshakes

Who doesn’t want a full treat at the end of a night of dancing! Milkshakes are being served single style with a sweet treat hanging off the straw! It’s a drink AND dessert … best of both worlds

“As someone who has more than just a sweet tooth I would say my favorite wedding dessert trend for 2019 are mini/bite sized desserts!  My personal favorites would have to be mini milkshakes. The look of a mini dessert bar can really help give off that wow factor to your reception space.  Mini desserts also give you and your guests the option to enjoy multiple selections (with a little less guilt) and give you the assurance that there will be an option to please everyone’s pallet.  – Katherine Lynch, Wedding Specialist”

Cake Painting & Spatula Painting

A classic art being taken to the next level. Put down the piping and check out this master piece! Using buttercream as their canvas the opportunities are endless!

Spatula Painting creates a fun art effect with a unique design. Incorporating metallic accents give it a “rich” feel.

Cocktail infused Desserts

Adults only for this one. Alcohol infused cupcakes have been the trend leader, but there are plenty of ways to incorporate your favorite cocktail into a delicious dessert.

Mini & Bite Size Treats Desserts

Want to indulge but not too much? Make it a mini! This is the newest trend to get a great dessert in a size fun for all! It’s a way for your guests to have a sweet treat without the guilt!  

My Favorite dessert trend that I have been seeing lately is Bite Sized Treats for a Dessert Station. Rather than getting a large tiered cake with maybe a couple flavors, smaller treats give your guests a variety of different dessert options to choose from. It also allows them to have multiple “bites” without becoming too full ” – Jennifer Higgens, Wedding Specialist

“Dessert has always been one of the most important elements of weddings, whether you envision a traditional tiered wedding cake, donut bar or an assortment of miniature desserts. Ever think about macaroons?! The best part of incorporating macaroons or a macaroon tower, is these simple and elegant desserts are available in every color and every flavor you could imagine! Not to mention, they are completely Instagram worthy! Another great reason to incorporate this macaroon trend is the fact that they are so easy to match with your wedding theme or color scheme. Whether these are filled in a tower, put into favor bags or being used to decorate your wedding cake, macaroons can bring all the style and sweetness to your special day!” – Anissa Quilty, Wedding Specialist

Which trend will you be choosing?

Place cards vs. Seating Board

Place cards vs. Seating Board

Weddings can be overwhelming with the options available while planning. Sometimes what most people consider the smallest detail, can be some of biggest headaches. So, you’re in the middle of planning your dream wedding, invitations have been sent and are starting to come back to you. What is the next step? Arranging your seating chart, but how to tell them where they are going?

Place cards

The term both “place card” and “escort cards” can be one in the same. They designate to the attendee which table they will be seated at during the reception. For guests, you can do either couples on one place card or they each can have their own place card. If you are having a sit down dinner, this is also where you can place what entrée they have chosen for the evening.

Pro: Easy for guests to find their seats and for the venue to confirm meals selections

Con: Can be a tedious task for couples to make all the place cards, or costly if you have someone do it for you.

Seating Charts

Seating charts can be deemed a bit more informal. They generally are in one spot and list every person and where they are sitting. This is something that is a fixture of the wedding decor traditionally, and does not move. Where as a place card, the guests takes with them. Seating charts can be listed either by name in Alphabetical order, or by table number. Esthetically, table number looks pretty. However, as a guest, you do not know your table number yet until you find your name. This can be a time tedious task.

Pro: Most cost effective, and less work for you!

Con: Sometimes a timely task for guests to find their name on the seating chart. Adds a small additional amount of time to confirm entree selections during dinner if choosing a sit down.

So which one do you choose? It can become personal preference. As planners, we suggest always place cards for seated dinners. It will be the easiest and quickest way to confirm all entree selections for the guest. It can help keep the night moving in a smooth transition. However, that is not to say that you cannot have a seating chart for a sit down dinner. Many couples give the venue a spread sheet with each table, guests seated at the table, and entree choice. The server can also confirm their entree choice this way as well.

The best way to determine which works best for you, is to envision your wedding. What do you want your guests to see? What do you see? Either way, it will be a beautiful addition to your Dream Wedding.

Planning your Wedding while saving costs!

Recently engaged? Planning a wedding? After learning the cost of all things involved, you probably want to elope! A recent study showed that the average cost of a wedding can be around $35,000! This estimate usually never includes the honeymoon…

So how can you have the wedding of your dreams and still be able to afford it all? Here are some tips when it comes time to planning:

  1. Set a Wedding Budget to match your style. Do you see yourself with an elegant formal affair? A Boeheim style reception? Or maybe a casual backyard barbecue following a destination? Once decided which one describes your dream best, then you can assess the budget necessary to match.
  2. Next, is the discussion of who is contributing to what? Just the bride and groom for all? Parents or family involved? This also can help set time lines of how much needs to be saved and budgeted for during the planning process.
  3. Discuss the “non negotiables” or where they are not willing to cut the expense down. Traditional budgets allocate the following:
    1. Reception 55%
    1. Ceremony: 12%
    1. Photography: 10%
    1. Wedding planning services: 5%
    1. Wedding Dress & Tux: 12%
    1. Miscellaneous/cushion: 5%

Starting with something like this can help get the conversation going of what you are willing to compromise on. Don’t want to give up on the budget for photographer? Then maybe you can shave a little from floral, or DIY your centerpieces. This tool can help prioritize the overall picture.

4. Look for cost saving promotions! Venues typically book 1-2 years in advance, if you can swing it, sometimes booking in the year for the year and being flexible with dates can help. Choosing “non peak” dates or Sunday’s versus a Saturday can make a difference in cost. Really like a photographer? Try to look at dates that are not considered “prime” times i.e. New Year’s Eve, Memorial Day Weekend, Labor Day weekend etc. Talk with your florist and help design your bouquets with flowers in that season.

Lastly, don’t stress! Weddings are supposed to be something you remember forever. Set you and your spouse up for success! It’s something you will want to look back on and have fond memories of!

The History & Traditions of Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day is an age old tradition that is a day observed in multiple forms throughout the world. The American Mother’s Day was created by Anna Jarvis in 1908 and became an officially recognized US Holiday in 1914.

The History of Mother’s Day can be traced back to ancient Romans & Greeks, who honored mother goddesses Rhea & Cybele. Later it became an early Christian festival called “Mothering Sunday”. It also once became a holiday set on the fourth Sunday during lent and would be considered returning to “mother church” for special services. In the 1970’s Coretta Scott King, the wife of Martin Luther King Jr., used Mother’s day as a time to highlight the need for equal pay and rights.

Eventually the holiday has become a day when children and loved ones provide presents to their mother, along with appreciation for all their hard work. It is now noted as one of the biggest holidays for consumer spending. It perceived as a celebration to mothers by giving them a day off from their day to day responsibilities.

Many versions of Mother’s Day are still celebrated worldwide. An example, in Ethiopia, families gather to sing songs and have a large fest. This is celebrated in the Fall and called “Antrsoht” which is a multi-day celebration honoring those in motherhood.  

Mother’s day at the Hotel has been a tradition for many years, what once was Hotel Syracuse, hosted many mother’s day brunch and buffets. With the restoration of our Old Gal, those traditions are now back in our Grand Ballroom with picturesque views from our 10th floor.

Enjoy a delicious and extensive Brunch Buffet at the Marriott Syracuse Downtown. Come celebrate the special mother in your life, whether it be biological, grandmother, aunt, or motherly figure, each one deserves a day of relaxing with great company and great food!

For more information, and to purchase tickets for our Mother’s Day Brunch click here

Why Friday’s are the New Night for Weddings!

Recently engaged or starting your wedding planning process? It can be perceived as a stressful time; what date to pick, color scheme, food & drink choices. The possibilities are endless! Some new trends to help ease the process can be picking the right day for you. While one of the most important aspects is choosing a venue; choosing a date goes hand in hand with the progression.

Traditionally weddings have been held on a Saturday or Sunday. This always helped with travel arrangements, work schedules, and other obligations. However, in recent years, Friday’s have turned into the new targeted day.

The first and easiest benefit of a Friday wedding are that the dates are often easily available versus a Saturday or Sunday. Conventionally, Saturday’s can be booked at least 10 months to 2 years in advance.

The next benefit for couples is price. Friday nights are usually set with less minimums or lowered prices across the board of vendors. Photographers, Florists, Venues, and others usually offer lower prices for services on a Friday night. Additional perk to booking a Friday night wedding, it can be much easier on a Thursday night to obtain a highly desirable rehearsal dinner space compared to a busy Friday night. You would be battling less couples for the coveted spaces in town.

Friday nights can be viewed as a destination wedding or set the tone for a wedding festivity! Many view it as a way to enjoy the celebration of a wedding, with your weekend still intact. It can give you an advantage of spending more time with your out of town guests since you are starting your celebration at the beginning of the weekend.

Though some may view Friday’s as a deterrent for guest attendance, there is actually no true evidence to support that. Here at the Marriott Syracuse Downtown, our wedding experts can attest, the no show factor is in the same percentage range for Friday, Saturday, & Sunday weddings.

“Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday; it truly doesn’t play a role in attendance, anyone who was/is going to be there will be there to support you on your biggest day. This I promise you. If they are not attending, it will not be because your wedding is on a Friday night.”

                                                                -Lindsey Cole, Director of Social Catering

Whether your guests want to make a weekend out of it, or not interfere with personal plans for the remainder of the weekend. Friday’s can be the best way for a couple to plan their dream wedding and a price all can afford.

The 5 Essential Wedding Tips for The Groom Before The Big Day!

Follow our wedding tips for the groom to make the planning of your big day the fairytale your bride always envisioned!

groom hermes-rivera-747743-unsplash

We’ve all heard it before – “I have been planning this wedding since I was five-years-old!” Yet even if they have everything planned, scrap-booked and under control, every bride really does want some involvement from their husbands-to-be.

Here at the Marriott Syracuse Downtown, we know that it takes many people to plan a wedding, and there are certain responsibilities that are inherent to the role as groom. Follow these 5 pre-wedding tips for the groom to ensure your big day becomes the happily-ever-after that you both are looking forward to.

Choose your groomsmen.
It may be the obvious starting point, but there’s more than just making the final choice. You need to keep track of all of their details as well. Ensure they know the date. Keep a watch on those suit fittings. And make sure if there are any changes, that they are informed.

Help with the guest list.
Don’t leave it up to your bride-to-be to get all of the information (names/addresses) regarding your friends and side of the family. And, once those RSVPs start coming in, assist in making sure that everyone on the list is checked off and all of the missing names are (eventually) accounted for.

Practice or learn to dance.
You don’t need to learn a choreographed dance for the wedding, but get comfortable breaking out your best moves in front of others.

Write your vows.
This tends to be the most important speech of your life. Spend the time and make her feel your love from your heartfelt words. And, even if you plan on using the traditional vows, practice reciting them aloud.

Prepare to say “I Do” by reminding her “I Love You”
Wedding planning is stressful! Those simple three words can mean a great deal to keep her smiling before the walk down the aisle. Remember, for one day, you’re a groom, but for the rest of your lives together you’ll be a husband.