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The Certified Wedding Planners at the Marriott Syracuse Downtown Hotel divulge the top fall colors for 2018!

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Weddings at the Marriott Syracuse Downtown Hotel are not a one-size-fits-all affair. We ensure that each and every detail fits your personal style. However, that doesn’t mean that are Certified Wedding Planners are not open to offering suggestions based upon what’s happening in Syracuse at the time of your nuptials. And when it comes to Marriott Syracuse Weddings that take place in the fall months, our planners know the perfect place to start shaping your big day: color schemes!

When looking at fall wedding color combinations, you can always expect to find a whole bunch of earthy hues and rich jewel tones to complement the autumnal spirit. But in 2018, our planners at the Marriott Syracuse Downtown have selected their choices for the top color schemes to consider when searching for fall wedding inspiration:

Lavender and Lilac – Don’t think of this as just a “purple” color scheme. Both of these hues combine together to create an interesting feminine color scheme that is complex in its simplicity.

Maroon and Aegean Blue – The perfect fall color scheme of opposing colors that can be softened with the inclusion of some Cameo Pink accents. There is a breezy feel to this nautical theme, but it’s just as easily adaptable to any local Syracuse events, i.e. your wedding!

Cardinal Red and Pineapple – Looking for a vibrant fall choice? Then, look no further than these two bright hues that can make your wedding feel elegant but cheerfully fun at the same time!

Silver and Dove Gray – Perfect for the end of fall when the chilly weather is upon us. A particular favorite for many in the Downtown Syracuse area as it caters to both the bride and groom.

Tie the Knot at Marriott and let us help you set the mood for your perfect fall wedding!