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‘Happily Ever After’ is not the end of the story for many beloved fairy-tale characters on stage at the Central New York Playhouse.


The characters are familiar, but when they hit the stage in Into the Woods at the Central New York Playhouse this June, don’t expect the famous line of ‘they lived happily ever after’ to end their tale. Into the Woods, the most popular work of Tony Award-winning playwright Stephen Sondheim, explores the unforeseen consequences of many fairy-tale wishes coming true. There’s no Disney ending, but we promise that you and your whole family will be just as deep Into the Woods as the actors on stage. Once the curtain has fallen, we doubt anyone will object that this theatrical event is the perfect answer to ‘what’s happening in Syracuse’ this summer.

The Central New York Playhouse production is always at the top of the list of local Syracuse events. There is a good chance that many in the Downtown Syracuse area have already attended an event, and Into the Woods would be a perfect reminder of all of the talent that call the Central New York area home. For those Central New York Playhouse novices, this delightful dark comedy is an ideal introduction to their consistently entertaining programs. It’s time to go Into the Woods with ten shows between June 8th to June 23rd, 2018.

Cap off your own ‘happily ever after’ by staying with us at the Marriott Syracuse Downtown. Our newly restored hotel has maintained the grandeur of our historic property, but added a modern twist, not unlike Sondheim’s theatrical fairy-tale. The Marriott Syracuse Downtown is less than ten miles away from the Central New York Playhouse and is the perfect haven to relax while coming down from your magical theatric spell. Let the opulence of our accommodations be your fairy-tale castle and end your personal trip Into the Woods with a true ‘happily ever after!’