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From Hotel Syracuse to Marriott Syracuse Downtown, a photo history of our historic Syracuse hotel.

We are just a few short months away from opening our property fully to hotel guests and the journey has been quite amazing! When we welcome our first overnight guests this summer, the true beauty of our property will be fully revealed. Let’s take a look back on how far we’ve come.

When Mr. Riley, a local architect and developer spearheaded the renovation and revitalization of the Hotel Syracuse in 2014 there was so much to do. The hotel hadn’t been open to the public for many years.

historic Syracuse hotel

Through the extensive construction process, so much was discovered. Hidden murals and the former barbershop to name a few. Careful restoration has been a cornerstone of this project.

historic Syracuse hotel

We’ve unveiled the look of our new rooms. The former Hotel Syracuse housed over 600 guest rooms that featured only one or two double beds and a small bathroom. Now, guest room spaces will be twice the size of the former with either 400 or 450 square feet and comforting amenities throughout.

historic Syracuse hotel

We announced the partnership with the Oncenter as the official hotel of the Oncenter Convention Center.

historic Syracuse hotel

When our full restoration is complete, the Marriott Syracuse Downtown will feature 261 guest rooms and 18 suites, three ballrooms, a conference center, a full-service restaurant, sports bar, steak house and a coffee shop. Upon entering the Lobby, guests will be greeted by Terrazzo floors and 20-foot columns along with restored original murals and 1924 chandeliers.

Reserve your guest room now at our historic Syracuse hotel and join us this summer as we open our doors to the public, officially, for the first time.

Until next week,
The Marriott Syracuse Downtown