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Harden Furniture and Stickley Furniture grace the rooms of our historic Syracuse hotel.

Historic Syracuse Hotel

At the Marriott Syracuse Downtown, formerly Hotel Syracuse, we are all about tradition. As guests walk through our spaces, this historic Syracuse hotel displays grandeur and elegance of years gone and restoration handled with the utmost care.

We are delighted to continue in the tradition of fine furnishing throughout our property. Harden Furniture is restoring approximately 200 antique chairs from the hotel and Fayetteville-based Stickley Furniture, one of the original suppliers of furniture for the Hotel Syracuse, will make furnishings for the hotel’s renovated rooms.

Harden Furniture – for 167 years and through five generations of family ownership, Harden Furniture has been creating fine furnishings with the environmental preservation in mind. It is this type of historic organization that is deeply rooted in its community that echoes the fine attention to detail and restoration that we value.

Stickley Furniture – since the early 20th century, Stickley Furniture has been crafting excellent furniture from the highest quality woods with great attention to detail and as one of the original suppliers of furniture of our historic Syracuse hotel, we knew that we had to keep that type of excellence alive.

When we officially open our doors to the public this summer, you will be able to enjoy the fine craftsmanship of both of these historic companies. For reservations, please visit our website.