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History of the Marriott Syracuse Downtown, formerly Hotel Syracuse.

Every hotel tells a story.

Nowhere in Syracuse will you find a more historical hotel than the Marriott Syracuse Downtown. During our $74 million renovation and restoration, we have cultivated 261+ rooms and suites along with 3 ballrooms and 3 restaurants. From our Grand Ballroom’s sky mural ceiling to the original hare and bone floors, there is a story behind nearly every feature of our historic property. Today, we will share a bit of that story with you. If you have yet to visit, take a visual journey through the ins and outs of our property and learn the history of the Marriott Syracuse Downtown. It may inspire you to visit sometime in the not-so-distant future.

While entering our lobby you will find our original Terrazzo Flooring, along with our Chandeliers that have been restored to their natural beauty. Arguably, one of the most fascinating pieces of history is the 40-foot by 6-foot mural, located behind the front desk, depicting 20 key events during the first 100 years of Syracuse’s history. This mural was painted for the hotel by Carl Roters, a professor at Syracuse University’s College of Fine Arts. The painter and art restorer, Marek Mularski, of Auburn, Mass., cleaned decades worth of tobacco smoke and coal dust which had darkened the mural over the years, making it identical to how it looked back in 1949.Our lower lobby is home to many of our facilities, such as our IACC center, which was originally a church and then later converted into a Bingo hall. Our Eleven Waters Bar is also located on our lower lobby, too. During our renovation process, we found spouts on the walls! Where Eleven Waters Bar is located now is where the bathrooms used to be.

On the 10th floor is our Grand Ballroom. This famous event space at the Marriott Syracuse Downtown features the original 16-foot-tall Chandeliers, boasting over 2,000 Crystals on each one. The chandeliers have been carefully restored to their former glory. They were sent to Connecticut to be refurbished. At the Connecticut “Chandelier Spa” they used a machine to remove layers of paint that could take ink off a sheet of paper. They came back in two boxes, which had to be placed on a crane and sent up through the windows because they were too big for the elevators! While in our Grand Ballroom, look up and view 27-foot-high ceilings, beautifully crafted with a sky painted ceiling. Then look down to notice the original hare and bone floors!

Next, head to our Persian Terrace. The chandeliers are replicas of the originals as they were either too damaged or “walked off property” throughout the years. Yet, the murals in the middle are called Sirens, each Siren represents a season of the year. They were discovered after pulling down tile during the restoration!

Last but not least all of our guest corridors are finished with local company and beautifully crafted Stickley Audi Furniture. Thanks to our owner Ed Riley, the Marriott Syracuse Downtown boasts a brand new look but the memories remain unchanged.

Until next time,

The Marriott Syracuse Downtown