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Holiday Memories and more – We want to hear about your experiences at our historic Syracuse Hotel.

Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it.”
― L.M. Montgomery

Hotel Syracuse History

Memories have a way of transporting us to another time and place. At the Marriott Syracuse Downtown, formerly the Hotel Syracuse, so many cherished guests and fans of our property have such wonderful stories to share about days gone by. There is so much history inside these walls and we love each and every memory that you all have to share with us!

The Hotel Syracuse has been a beloved landmark in Syracuse by locals, weary travelers and employees alike for close to 100 year years. Do you have memories of the earlier days of the Hotel Syracuse? From holiday events to weddings, proms, reunions, past employee recollections and even a sprinkling of ghost stories, we want to hear from you. Be part of our time capsule!

Please share your stories and photos with us so we can continue to preserve our rich history as we progress with our renovations and future plans of the Marriott Syracuse Downtown.

Nowhere in Syracuse will you find a more historical hotel than at the Marriott Syracuse Downtown Hotel! It may have a brand new look, but the memories will forever remain unchanged.

Until next time,
The Marriott Syracuse Downtown