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Visitors, Guests and former employees show their love for Hotel Syracuse history. 

In its heyday, the Hotel Syracuse saw its share of visits from famous people. It was a hot spot for celebrities, politicians and important public figures. Some of the high profile guests that spent time at this downtown Syracuse hotel, included the likes of President John F. Kennedy, President Eisenhower, Elvis Presley, Bob Hope, Charles Lindbergh and John Lennon.

Hotel Syracuse history But it isn’t just that it was an attraction for the famous, the Hotel Syracuse has been a beloved landmark in Syracuse by locals, weary travelers and employees alike for close to 100 year years. History is what makes us who we are and our experiences are the special moments in time that tell our story.

At the Marriott Syracuse Downtown, we are working hard to preserve the rich history of the Hotel Syracuse and with that, we have put out requests for all who love our property as much as we have to share their memories with us…and we have been overwhelmed by the response to our request!

From the submissions we have received directly, to the many reminiscences that readers have shared, it is clear that so many guests and former employees have had such wonderful encounters at the Hotel Syracuse. A special thanks to Sean Kirst for amassing so many of these letters and comments!

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Nowhere in Syracuse will you find a more historical hotel than at the Marriott Syracuse Downtown Hotel. It may have a brand new look, but the memories will forever remain unchanged.

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The Marriott Syracuse Downtown