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The history of Hotel Syracuse is founded in the work of George B. Post & Sons Architecture.

the art or practice of designing and constructing buildings.

It is said that one of the greatest things about architecture is that the works can stand well past the lifetime of the individual who created them. Today, the Marriott Syracuse Downtown is here because of the works of George B. Post & Sons, the group behind the history of Hotel Syracuse.

History of Hotel Syracuse

George B. Post (1837-1913) was a prominent New York architect who made a name for himself with a number of New York landmarks, from the New York Stock Exchange Building to Cornelius Vanderbilt’s French chateau on Fifth Avenue. Mr. Post was considered to be a major architect of the Gilded Age, and much of his work expressed the wealth and ambition of that time. George’s sons, J. Otis and William Stone, were taken into the firm in 1904 and carried on the tradition of fine buildings under the same name even after his death.

“An excellent example of an early 20th century modern hotel designed by one of the leading hotel designers of the day.”

The Hotel Syracuse was the brainchild of George B. Post & Sons and built in the Renaissance architectural style – which is displayed prominently with the three main towers that make up this grand hotel and the use of columns throughout. Building took place between 1922 and 1924, with the grand opening taking place in August of 1924.

Nowhere in Syracuse will you find a more historical hotel than at the Marriott Syracuse Downtown Hotel. It may have a brand new look, but the memories remain unchanged.

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The Marriott Syracuse Downtown