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See a living history of the Hotel Syracuse. 

In September of 1924, the Hotel Syracuse opened to the public. Designed by George B. Post and Sons and built at a cost of more than six million dollars, the building included all of the latest technology and design possible for its time.

history of the Hotel Syracuse
Some of the features included a coffee shop, drug store, beauty salon, barber shop, retail stores, over 600 guest rooms and a grand ballroom. From outside the three towers, connected at the base, resembled classical columns. The Rainbow Lounge, named for the tubular lighting within the glass-block entrance, was added in 1937 following Prohibition. The Persian Terrace became one of the most elegant meeting and dining rooms.

Can’t wait to see the historic beauty of the Hotel Syracuse – now Marriott Syracuse Downtown? For a limited time, the Onondaga Historical Museum will be hosting an exhibit that features framed images as well as original archival items and artifacts from the early days of the Hotel Syracuse. From the 1923 view of the construction to the 1948 interior of the Ranbow Lounge, historic scenes of the Cavalier Room and more.

After the full renovation, guests can enjoy not only the restored grandeur of the property, but also a hotel museum of items that will be located directly on the property of the Marriott Syracuse.

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Marriott Syracuse Downtown