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Watch scores of colorful balloons take flight as the Jamesville Balloonfest 2018 launches the area’s summer season of events!


Starting on the second full day of summer, dozens of hot air balloons will take to the skies and launch the 39th Annual Jamesville Balloonfest. Known to many in the Downtown Syracuse area as the true kick-off to summer, this festival of breathtaking sights, amazing entertainment, and delicious culinary fare never disappoints. From Friday, June 22nd to Sunday, June 24th, each day at the Syracuse Balloonfest, families and travelers alike have their chance to get up close and personal with the most magnificent seven-story balloons during the various scheduled launches. After the balloons light up the sky, there are many other forms of entertainment, from concerts, games, and amusement rides, to enjoy throughout the entire day.

When the sky over Jamesville Beach is filled with color after the mass balloon ascensions, there will be no other answer to the question of ‘What’s Happening in Syracuse’! Admission to this three-day event is free, even though the memories that will be made are sure to be priceless. Bringing lawn chairs, blankets, and sunscreen is recommended, but the festival experience will provide everything else you could need.

If you are thinking about attending the Jamesville Balloonfest 2018, we suggest you plan ahead. Rain or shine, this festival is an all-day event, with the weekend launches occurring in the still-dark pre-dawn sky. By staying with us at the Marriott Syracuse Downtown, you will have the perfect home base for the early wake-up call.

Located only 10 miles away from the Jamesville Beach area, our historically-restored hotel will allow you to relax, refresh and recharge in luxurious comfort before setting out for another full day of high-flying fun. From those traveling from afar to the locals wishing for a relaxing staycation, we hope you’ll stay with us at the Marriott Syracuse Downtown, for it would be our pleasure to help you kick off the summer in sky-high style!