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Recently engaged? Planning a wedding? After learning the cost of all things involved, you probably want to elope! A recent study showed that the average cost of a wedding can be around $35,000! This estimate usually never includes the honeymoon…

So how can you have the wedding of your dreams and still be able to afford it all? Here are some tips when it comes time to planning:

  1. Set a Wedding Budget to match your style. Do you see yourself with an elegant formal affair? A Boeheim style reception? Or maybe a casual backyard barbecue following a destination? Once decided which one describes your dream best, then you can assess the budget necessary to match.
  2. Next, is the discussion of who is contributing to what? Just the bride and groom for all? Parents or family involved? This also can help set time lines of how much needs to be saved and budgeted for during the planning process.
  3. Discuss the “non negotiables” or where they are not willing to cut the expense down. Traditional budgets allocate the following:
    1. Reception 55%
    1. Ceremony: 12%
    1. Photography: 10%
    1. Wedding planning services: 5%
    1. Wedding Dress & Tux: 12%
    1. Miscellaneous/cushion: 5%

Starting with something like this can help get the conversation going of what you are willing to compromise on. Don’t want to give up on the budget for photographer? Then maybe you can shave a little from floral, or DIY your centerpieces. This tool can help prioritize the overall picture.

4. Look for cost saving promotions! Venues typically book 1-2 years in advance, if you can swing it, sometimes booking in the year for the year and being flexible with dates can help. Choosing “non peak” dates or Sunday’s versus a Saturday can make a difference in cost. Really like a photographer? Try to look at dates that are not considered “prime” times i.e. New Year’s Eve, Memorial Day Weekend, Labor Day weekend etc. Talk with your florist and help design your bouquets with flowers in that season.

Lastly, don’t stress! Weddings are supposed to be something you remember forever. Set you and your spouse up for success! It’s something you will want to look back on and have fond memories of!